This little label maker is very easy to use

This little label maker is very easy to use. It is small and lightweight, with a QWERTY keyboard. The font size and formatting keys are at the topof the screen, making it easy to bold or italicize your text or alter the font size. It’s also quite affordable. It scored less than the Brother P-Touch because its keyboard is smaller and less spacious. This makes it less comfortable to use. Other than that, this is an excellent choice for a straightforward, no-bells-and-whistles label maker.

The process of testing was straightforward The test was simple: I turned on the label maker for each I entered “OVERNIGHT OATS,” and printed the labels. I tried increasing and decreasing the size of the font as well as changing the margins on the labels, as well as printing symbols. Then , I put each label into the inside of a small plastic container to see how well it stuck.
dymo label maker

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