Factors We Evaluated

Factors We Evaluated
1. It’s simple to use
This was the most important criteria for me. I wanted a label-maker that I could take out of the box and begin using immediately without the need to go through the instructions. The process of making labels should be quick. The time it took each label maker to print a label was very different. One model took 15 seconds to print, which is an incredibly long time to have to wait for a tiny label to print. However, the winner model took just 5 seconds to print the exact two words.

2. Material Design/Quality
I was in search of labels that aren’t too bulky or heavy yet feels nice and solid in your hand. The high-end quality of each manufacturer’s tape was crucial for me. Certain tapes appeared shiny and elegant, while others appeared dull and matte. I also wanted to find out if the labels were simple to use after printing, i.e. can I peel off the backing paper from the label tape or would I need a flashlight and an tweezers?

3. Many Functions
I like a simple label maker, as I mentioned earlier. I don’t need fancy templates and I don’t need “fun” fonts. However, I may sometimes need to change the font size or capitalization. I’d prefer to do this without the need to read an entire guide.
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